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What you should look for when choosing the best baseball glove

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Before buying gloves just because they are cheap, you should look at the following:

Pocket size

When choosing a glove, one of the most important factors is the size of the pocket, since it is where your hand will go and this should allow it to move freely, in addition to providing you with a good grip.

The Web

This is also an important factor, since the web or webbing is the area of ​​the glove between the thumb and index finger, which has a leather fabric and allows the player to take the ball with ease. You can find different types of webbing:

  • Open web: In this type of web, the leather network has large openings.
  • Simple fixing web: This type of web is characterized by having a piece of leather located vertically and two horizontally that build the network.
  • Double fixing web: There are also gloves with this type of web that, instead of having a leather tape vertically, has two and gives greater flexibility.
  • Trapeze web: These nets have a piece of leather in their center, which is connected to the glove thanks to different ropes, also made of leather.
  • Two-piece closed web: The gloves with this type of web have two large pieces of leather attached to each other by ropes. This type of glove has greater flexibility than a fully closed one.
  • Basketball web: You can easily recognize a glove with this type of webbing since it has a leather braid where they intersect horizontally and vertically until creating a closed mesh.
  • I-Web: This is a website that bears his name since, when joining the different leather sections of the glove, it has the form of the letter “I” in capital letters.


Choosing the material of the glove will depend on the budget and the use that you have thought, since, if it is for children, it is recommended that they start with less expensive models, since it is possible that they end up breaking it, which are usually made of pig skin .

If you want a better option, you can go for gloves made of cattle or deer leather.

Playing position

Baseball gloves differ from each other by the position of the player on the ground, among them are:

  • Pitcher glove: They are longer to have more control over the ball and are also lighter than other gloves.
  • Catcher glove: They differ from the others by having padded padding and the hand is complete inside the pocket, without distinction of fingers.
  • First base glove : First base gloves similar to catcher gloves, but without much padding.
  • Infielder glove: Its design is ideal to easily and quickly pass the ball to the bare hand, so it is easier to double play.
  • Outfielder glove : They are much longer gloves, designed to catch the highest balls.
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