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How to choose baseball gloves?

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Buying baseball gloves is not a simple task, because there are numerous types, sizes and brands. We have made a selection among all that you can find online to offer you the best gloves you can find.

All accessories are important in this sport since a good quality team will always give a good performance. However, having a good glove is essential, since it is an essential part of our defensive equipment. Getting good baseball gloves does not imply that we spend a fortune since there are excellent options on the market at a fantastic price. We have found them and we offer them to you so you can buy them in debeisbol, org,

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your baseball gloves is the size of the pocket. Think that your hand will go there and that it should allow you to move it freely, but always giving you a good grip.

Some curiosities about baseball gloves

You may know a lot about this sports equipment, but surely we can offer you some interesting facts that you don’t know.

What are the types of baseball gloves?

Well, there really are as many types of gloves as there are positions on the playing field. Thus we can find the following types:

  • Receiver gloves : These are some of the most different gloves with respect to the other players. They have a thick padding in the palm of the hand, due to possible damage to catch fast balls . They have no divisions for different fingers. It has a closed strap and the palm is smaller than for other types of gloves.
  • Pitcher’s gloves : Specifically pitchers are looking for gloves that have the strap closed, as this allows the ball to be hidden before launching. Many pitchers adjust the effect they want to give the ball in the glove before launching. Because of this it is important to be able to hide the ball.
  • First base gloves : This type of gloves should be large, more than 30 cm (12 inches) long. Since players in this position can receive balls from across the field, the size of the gloves is important. Thus the player can scoop the ball or better control a deceptive batting . These types of gloves do not have common divisions for the fingers. It is much more flexible than the receiver because of its size.
  • Box player gloves: The gloves worn by second base , third base players and short fields are generally smaller (less than 30 cm or 12 inches). This is so since players must be able to pass the ball to the hand with which they are going to throw it. The strap is open and the palm shallow because the throws are usually faster and shorter than in other positions.
  • Gardener’s gloves: The gloves used in this position should be large (more than 30cm long) with a closed strap and a deep palm. These players usually receive high balls, which explains why they choose this type of gloves.

How to soften baseball gloves?

When you receive your newly purchased new gloves you may feel that they are very hard and rigid. When using them to play, this can be difficult for you. You can wait for them to soften naturally with the passage of time and use, or you can use any waywe propose.

A first method is to use a glove conditioning oil. To do this you must have this oil and apply it as specified by the manufacturer. Then use the corresponding baseball and place it inside the glove. Tie several elastic bands around the glove with the ball inside. Leave it exposed to the sun for several hours. Remove the glove from the sun, untie the elastic bands and take out the ball. Use the glove and throw the ball to the center of the pocket as hard as you can, repeating the process several times. Close the glove with the ball inside and using the bands around. Leave it several days in a dark and dry place. Take out the glove and remove the bands and the ball. With this the glove must be ready to use.

We can also use a vaporization process to obtain the same result. Initially you have to use the same glove conditioning oil as in the previous procedure. Then we will place a pot with water to heat without covering. Above we place a rack to later place the gloves on top of it. Gloves should receive between 2 to 5 minutes of steam. After this we remove the gloves and using a mallet we will give them the appropriate form. At this time we must take the opportunity to give the desired shape to the pocket. We should turn the glove around and hit the heel near the side of the little finger. After this, play for a while to catch the ball and check that the gloves should now be ready to play.

How to clean baseball gloves?

From playing so much it is normal for gloves to get dirty. That is why it is advisable to clean them so that they last longer and do not deteriorate. For this we will follow the following procedure.

The first step will always be to remove the cord with which the glove is tied. Then we will brush the gloves using a hard nylon cleaning brush. With this we will be able to remove most of the waste. Next we will use a homemade solution based on water and white vinegar (or lemon juice) in equal parts. With a clean cloth dampened in the homemade solution we will clean the edges, cracks and scratches. Put the gloves in a cool dry place to dry well. Once dry, use a clean cloth to polish them.

Images of baseball gloves

Below you can find the best images of baseball gloves online.

Baseball gloves for children
Old baseball gloves
Baseball gloves drawing

Indeed, we have the best selection of baseball gloves you can find. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional player or that you practice this sport occasionally. Regardless of your position in the field, whether you are catcher , pitcher , first base , etc. We have a wide variety of sizes for different positions in the field. We also have a selection of materials that are available to all pockets and cover all the needs of any player, however demanding.

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