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How to choose a softball glove

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Softball players must catch and hold the ball, which makes their gloves an important part of their equipment. If you want to play softball, you need a good glove. There are many types of gloves available and that is why this guide will help you find one that has the right style, length and design for you.



Look for softball gloves online, in sports stores and in retail stores.

  • When you choose a softball glove, you don’t have to buy the most expensive one, but if you plan to use it very often, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest one either.
  • A good softball glove is an investment that will last for years.


Determine the type of glove you need. Usually, softball players are assigned to a certain position, such as catcher, pitcher, first base or indoor field.

  • Choose a receiver glove if this is your position. You will need a glove that has a thick padding because you must catch the fast balls. Comfort is important when you choose a softball glove and you don’t want to have a heavy glove because you need to catch the ball and throw it quickly.

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  • Choose an open field glove if you play in this position. Softball players who play in this position need a glove that has a deep pocket and is long to catch the aerial balls and the balls that go down the floor. These gloves vary between 33 and 34 cm so that when players have to throw or run towards the ball, this extra length provides them with a better range.

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  • Choose a pitcher’s glove if you are the team pitcher. When you choose a softball glove for the pitcher position, you need a comfortable glove that is large enough to hide the ball so that the pitcher cannot see the type of pitch you are preparing.

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  • Choose a first base glove if you play in this position. Players who position themselves at first base require a glove that has a narrow pocket so you can catch the ball and throw it quickly. You should also think about the length of the glove to assist you in catching the balls that the indoor field players throw.

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  • Choose a glove for indoor field positions if you play second or third base. Select the glove that has a shorter length and a smaller pocket so you can pass the glove ball to your hand quickly and accurately.

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Pick if you want an open or closed glove.

  • The gloves that have the open back expose the upper part of your wrist. Players in indoor field positions always opt for open gloves.
    • The gloves that have the closed back cover your hand completely and may have a hole for your index finger and thus obtain greater comfort. Open field players prefer this style.

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Determine the type of fit you would like in the glove. When you choose it, you can select a glove with velcro adjuster, hoop, bows or belt


Choose a closed or open glove. When you choose a softball glove, the selection of the glove net design depends on your personal preferences.

  • Pitchers use closed gloves because it allows them to hide the ball, while open field players prefer them because it gives them more support.
    • Indoor field players prefer open gloves because they provide better handling for the transition of the ball between the glove and your hand.


  • Put a ball neatly inside the glove when not in use to shape the bag.
  • Apply oil to the surface to soften your gloves.
  • if you are just starting to play softball, choose a utility glove. You can use a utility glove if you play in the center field or in the open field. If you continue practicing this sport, you may need to buy a glove that best suits your position.
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