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Baseballs: Which is the best of 2019?

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Maybe before reading this article you think that all baseballs are the same. But the truth is that finding the best baseball is not an easy task. Within This Guide We’ve set out to Allow You to Find the one that Best Fits Your Requirements, differentiating between those that are good for professional players, minor league and beginners.

Currently, technology has managed to improve every baseball in terms of effectiveness and safety, both for young players and for those who start in baseball or professionals. In case you don’t know how to start, in this article we tell you everything you need to know to buy the best baseball in the market.

The most important

  • A regulated baseball must have a circumference of 9 to 9 1/4 inches and weigh between 5 and 5 1/4 ounces. They usually have a cork core and are covered with rubber. This is in turn covered with a thick layer of wool yarn. The surface can be leather (the best quality), or synthetic leather.
  • The seams are presented in three different styles: flat, raised or rolled. Baseballs with raised seams are generally used by beginners, as these types of balls better grip the air and this facilitates their control. Flat seams are used for batting practice and with throwing machines.
  • The price is not everything when we talk about baseballs, since we must also think about other purchase criteria. Texture, material, aesthetics and, of course, cost, are some of them. Today at Fitness Piratas  we tell you all you need to know in order not to get confused in the process, since only then can you be a great player of this sport.

Ranking: The best baseballs in the market

In these lines we will try to make you know a little better some aspects to consider when buying baseballs so that your purchase decision is as correct as possible. Here are the five best baseballs you can find in the market. Analyze the characteristics well. We start!

Position # 1: WILSON Official League

WILSON Offical League Baseball

It is a perfect ball for dirt or grass, not so much for hard surfaces. Made with quality materials and under the manufacture of the renowned Wilson brand, which gives it a guaranteed duration. It is made with horse leather and is not recommended for children, as it is a hard ball and could be damaged.

Position 2: Taide 2 polyurethane leather balls

Lot of 2 du baseball Adulte Youth Unmarked Softball PU Cuir pour l’entraînement, compétition et cadeau

Double stitched baseball ball sewn by hand, very durable, for long time use. It has raised seams and is made of PVC leather sheath and rubber core for safety. It has a size of 23 cm. The item is provided with two balls, which makes this purchase a great option for its excellent value for money.

Position 3: Overmont baseball and softball

Overmont Softball Softball Softball Baseball, White

This ball is moderately priced and is made of synthetic leather and white. It has double lining for added strength. It is perfect for professional players and also for amateurs. It does not deform when hit. The exterior is made of polyester, with sewn ropes (not painted). Size is the official softball . Rigid, stuffed and withstand well.

Position 4: SZRHY Baseball to play and compete

SZRHY Baseball Ball to Play, Compete, Train 9 Inch White

It is a ball made of environmentally friendly materials: PVC and rubber core. It has a size of 9 inches in circumference and 2.8 inches in diameter. Weight: 145 g / 5.11oz. It is perfect for the game, professional competition, school sports or training. Very useful for beginners, teenagers or students.

Double stitching and hand sewn with red cotton thread. It adapts to baseball training for students and school education. It does not deform when it hits. It fits perfectly in the hand. It has a very suitable weight and texture. It can be used for both baseball and softball or tee-ball .

Position nº 5: Champion Sports Set of 12 leather balls

CHAMPION SPORTS – Set of 12 Genuine Leather Baseballs, 12 Units, for Indoor and Outdoor Use, OLBPRO, Top Grade Leather – White

It is a set of balls covered in quality leather for daily use. Customers who have acquired them highlight their great durability. They are made of cork in the core and combinations of rubber, which gives the balls a long-lasting performance. They have red seams and classic ropes that help maintain the ball shape.

The twelve-ball baseball packages are ideal for batting or pitching as well as for use in matches. They are suitable for any age, but they are ideal for young players who will love to hit with these official league balls. In short, an excellent purchase option if we are looking for lots of more than one ball.

Shopping guide: What you should know about baseballs

There are many types of baseballs in the market. After all, it is a sport widely practiced by all types of audiences. Obviously, it is not the same as practicing baseball professionally or by hobby. Therefore, we answer the most frequent questions asked by users about the balls used in this sport.

What is a baseball?

A baseball is the ball that is used to practice the sport. It has an outline of 9 inches (23 centimeters) and 142 grams of weight, approximately. Together with the gloves and the bat, it forms the complete group of instruments that the player must have in his possession to practice this exciting sport.

How is a baseball made?

The manufacture of baseballs has a more than laborious process. This process begins with the outside, “moistening” two sheets of leather to make them fully moldable and also get a stronger ball, since the quality has to do with the durability of the material in perfect condition.

After going through the previous process (approximately one week until the leather is completely moldable), the process of bonding the layers begins, which lasts between three and five days. They are then filled with the chosen material. Finally, it is sewn to get the spherical shape.

Pat GillickAmerican professional baseball executive

“Baseball has to do with talent, hard work and strategy. But, on a deeper level, baseball is love, integrity and respect. ”

What types of baseballs exist and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

There are multiple types of balls, each specialized in meeting the needs of different players. Flat seams are the usual ones for workouts. Minibolas are the size of a golf ball and are used to improve hand-eye coordination. Next, we develop what types of balls exist and their characteristics.

Ball type Advantage Drawbacks
Soft Minibolas They are utilised in tiny backyards or indoors. They reach upto 65 km per hour. They travel less distance.
Quick mini balls They are made of harder plastic, so they are more resistant. They reach 100 km / h. They cannot be used in enclosed courtyards as they can damage walls or windows.
Soft lite They are ideal for young players. They build confidence, ideal not to be afraid of the speed of the ball. They are softer than normal balls. They travel at a slower speed.
Slider Simulated Leather Balls (or sliding simulated leather balls) They can be used in launch machines. They only serve to throw curved balls.
Hard lite They have designs with holes. It goes faster and more accurately with the rest They are perfect to start getting acquainted with baseballs. They are harder.
Real launch machine balls They are characterized by their precision. They have polyurethane structure. Is not the same type of ball used in the match.

How do you grab a baseball?

The pitcher grabs the ball by the four seams. This way it will be easier to launch, whether you decide for a straight or curved launch. Thus, you will achieve greater accuracy and speed. Then, the ball is held with the index finger and the middle finger on the top and the thumb on the bottom.

What is a smart baseball?

The smart baseball, perfect for refinement, has been created by the Kickstarter company. It is called Strike and is able to measure the trajectory that the ball travels, the speed of the throw of the ball and its spin. All this followed through any mobile phone thanks to a new application. Its cost is approximately 130 euros.

How is a baseball different from a softball ?

The main difference is that both balls are used for different sports. However, softball or softball balls follow the same manufacturing process. The difference is that softballs have a larger size and in some areas they are made of microfiber and not leather.

Regarding the sport, in softball you have to have contact with the base: the player can only “go out stealing” once the ball has left the pitcher’s hand.

Purchase Criteria

If you love baseball and practice it often, surely you have no doubt that the ball, along with the bat, is one of the most important elements. That is why it must be studied in relation to a series of criteria to acquire the most appropriate. We present the aforementioned criteria for your purchase to be successful.

  • Texture
  • Fabrication material
  • Design
  • Accessories
  • Quality


One of the first factors that we should look at when buying a baseball is its texture. But what is the ideal texture in a baseball? You should be able to hold on well with baseball gloves and not slip, as is the case with plastic balls.

In addition, the baseball must be made of a material that allows it to be hit correctly. Usually, larger balls have better texture. You should know that those sold in Asian toy stores and bazaars are intended for children’s play and are not used to practice baseball.

Fabrication material

The texture is related to the manufacturing material of the balls, however, they are not the same. The texture of the ball is what we feel to the touch of the ball. The material, however, is what it is made of. The good quality balls are made of leather (either synthetic or natural), linked by a seam that allows them to be perfectly joined. Thanks to this, the balls provide a good grip and can be thrown easily.

Unlike leather balls, those of worse materials cannot be grasped in the right way, they break easily and have a less attractive design. Another option is to opt for leather balls (the only material with which baseballs were made years ago), although they are much heavier and not as effective as synthetic ones.

Did you know that making the seams of baseball is very laborious? The first and the last seam must be hidden, it must be flattened to have greater wind resistance. If done by hand, this process will take 15 minutes.


Beauty and design is something we definitely look at first when buying our baseball. It is not about choosing the prettiest ball, but one that has greater visibility and can be hit and caught well. A good baseball should be a color that looks good. Typically, they are white with black stitches.


Baseball is a most complete sport and the ball is not the only element we have to count on to practice this sport. In the same line as the ball we must consider the bat, with which the ball is hit. This must be strong, resistant and lightweight. In addition, you must have a good grip.

You should also think about gloves (if your position in the game is to catch the ball) and of course the helmet. Finally, it is also interesting to get a good cap to protect ourselves from the sun and quality shoes with which we can run across the pitch.


Finally, we must carefully observe the quality of the baseball. This factor is given by several variables: from being made of good materials until the seams are perfectly assembled, in addition to the shape, color and texture. All the equipment we buy must enjoy the same quality as the ball.


All baseball lovers, or even those who want to start in this exciting sports practice, need to have the right accessories for a comfortable and complete training. That is why the ball should not be missing in your repertoire, since in addition to the glove and bat, the ball is one of the fundamental accessories of baseball.

Currently, baseball is a very popular sport. For this reason, there are countless baseballs in the market. They are available in different colors, materials and models so that we choose the one that best suits our needs, either as a professional hitter or as a beginner.

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