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Baseball shoes

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The types of baseball shoes that are available, have changed immensely in the course of the last decades. These changes are around for better, since athletes can now rely on the tacos they use in each practice and game to help protect them from injury, and that they will be durable enough to last at least the entire season. The durability of the tacos is an important factor when making a new purchase, but there are many other aspects that must also be taken into account.

Types of baseball cleats

There are three different types of baseball shoes that are the most popular today, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. These types of shoes are: with rubber studs, with metal studs or without studs


Rubber studs

The rubber studs are versatile and durable and will last the entire season. These shoes are made of plastic and have rubber studs, and are very popular among young players because they provide a little more protection when sliding and running the bases.

Metal studs

Metal studs provide more traction in the field and are generally lighter than other studs, which helps the player’s agility. There is a safety hazard with metal studs in the event that a runner slips with his feet in front. This type of sliding can cause an injury to a player’s leg.


No tacos

The popularity of baseball shoes without heels has been growing in recent years, especially for training. They are more comfortable than the rest of the shoes with heels, but offer a worse grip. Baseball players do not usually use it during games.

Types of ankle grip

When you are going to proceed with a new purchase of tacos, in addition to seeing the different types of tacos, you will probably notice that there are low-cut and high-cut shoes to choose from. No choice is proven to be better than the other, but it is actually rather a personal preference for style wearing a player. How grip your ankle will be affected and how their movement depends largely on the option you choose.

High cut shoes

For any baseball player with an ankle problem, these style studs are often the best option. They provide more ankle support than low-cut studs. These have more material than the low cut style, which makes them a bit heavier, However, for those players who aren’t regarded as base thieves, this is typically not a problem.

Low cut shoes

The low-cut cleats are lighter, allowing the player to be more agile, since there is no restriction on their ankles. A warning with low-cut studs, however, when using these studs, a player is more likely to twist his ankles when running the bases or playing in the field.

Baseball hook size chart

Depending on your foot length and depending on the type of sizing, you must choose a size that will come good for your foot.

Table of equivalence of shoe sizes for women and men.

Men’s size

Logitude (cm) EU US UK
22.22 35 two two
22.5 35.5 3 2.3
22.86 36 3.5 3
23.18 36.5 4 3.5
23.5 37 4.5 4
23.81 37.5 5 4.5
24.13 38 5.5 5
24.45 38.5 6 5.5
24.77 39 6.5 6
25.08 39.5 7 6.5
25.4 40 7.5 7
25.72 41 8 7.5
26.04 42 8.5 8
26.34 43 9 8.5
26.68 43.5 9.5 9
26.98 44 10 9.5
27.3 44.5 10.5 10
27.62 Four. Five eleven 10.5
27.94 45.5 11.5 eleven
28.26 46 12 11.5
28.58 46.5 12.5 12
28.9 47 13 12.5
29.22 47.5 13.5 13
29.54 48.5 14 13.5
29.86 49 14.5 14
30.48 fifty 15.5 fifteen
31.12 51 16.5 16

Women size

Logitude (cm) EU US UK
twenty-one 3. 4 4 two
21.6 34.5 4.5 2.5
21.9 35 5 3
22.2 35.5 5.5 3.5
22.9 36 6 4
23.2 36.5 6.5 4.5
12.4 37 7 5
24.1 37.5 7.5 5.5
24.4 38 8 6
24.8 38.5 8.5 6.5
25.4 39 9 7
25.7 39.5 9.5 7.5
26 40 10 8
26.7 40.5 10.5 8.5
27 41 eleven 9
27.3 41.5 11.5 9.5
27.9 42 12 10
28.6 43 13 eleven
29.8 44 14 12

Difference between baseball shoes and soccer shoes

The biggest difference between the lugs baseball compared soccer cleats is studs pattern. Soccer cleats have no cue on the toe, because players need to kick the ball. However, this taco toe is vital for baseball and softball players because they need support when they’re running the bases. Soccer cleats tend to be heavier than those used in any other sport.

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